Roman Andrusenko is a permanent partner and head of an interior studio, a designer with vast professional expertise. Roman sets high demands to himself and the people around him, thereby achieving flawlessly well-coordinated work of the entire team. A love of cleanliness and order helps him organize ideas and plans, transforming them from chaotic creative processes into sequential actions for the implementation of projects. Love for creativity in all its manifestations helps Roman to cope with complex work in organizing creative and production processes.

He spends his free time composing music and painting on canvas.
To this date, he has dozens of completed projects in Russia and abroad, experience of cooperation with recognized world architects and decorators, as well as huge plans that have yet to be realized.

For me, beauty means order. I try to adhere to this principle both in work and in life.I love to think over every smallest detail of the project, combining aesthetics and functionality. I do not deny objects that were created solely as objects of admiration, and I also really appreciate art. However, regarding the interior, a person should not be a hostage to beauty. Therefore, our primary objective is to provide comfort. And we must do it beautifully! When working on interiors, we strive to achieve elegance and well-thought-out geometry, pay attention to the combination of different textures, and also give preference to natural materials. We are not supporters of excessive showiness, bombast and luxury.

Simple but precise shape, handicraft and natural beauty of the material are important factors for us. Our team has been formed a long time ago, and our tastes largely coincide (although creative disputes often arise, which is an integral part of working on a project). I am very glad that our team includes people with different temperaments, experience and world view, as this allows the team to always be in good shape, as well as to look at things from different angles. And the creativity and unresting energy of Elena Spiridonova, as well as the constant search for unique solutions and all the best that is in this world energizes us and makes our work superbly fascinating!

/ Roman Andrusenko