In its projects, COPPER & TIN strives to meet the highest European norms. The details of the project, thought out to the last detail, professionalism at all stages and full responsibility for the result are the basis on which the image of the entire company is built.


The name “Copper & Tin” means copper and tin, the components of the oldest noble alloy – bronze. This name is not accidental. The joint work of two creative personalities, Elena Spiridonova and Roman Andrusenko, over the years has made them like-minded people and partners who complement each other for the successful achievement of their goals. Style, taste and values were formed day after day over the years of work. Overall objectives, work processes, shared business trips and division of responsibility have made this alliance a solid fusion.


We prefer luxury in interiors without pretensions and bombast.

Convenience and maximum practicality of interiors are the basis for us in organizing space.

We choose simple forms, providing them with luxurious finishes and using noble finishing materials. The materials we prefer to work with are almost always handcrafted by the best manufacturers in their fields. As a result, these things will serve their owners for many decades without losing their sophistication and applicability.

The simplicity we are talking about represents the simple forms and incredible possibilities of the applied work of the artisans with whom we work. Thanks to incredibly talented craftsmen, we create unique items in a single copy.


For 20 years the Copper & Tin team has been fortunate enough to work with design geniuses such as: Romeo Sozzi (Promemoria), Alberto Pinto, Pierre Yovanovitch, Marcel Wolterinck, Francois Champsaur, Martin Waller (Andrew Martin), Chuck Chewning (Donghia), as well as companies Linley (uk), De le Cuona, etc. We use this unique experience in our work.

Over the years, the best manufacturers (each in their own direction) have become our constant partners. So all the relevant furniture and wardrobes are produced in Italy according to our drawings. As a rule, we order accessories and fabrics from France and England, entrust garden projects to our partners from Holland and the USA, and also collect antiques and vintage items and art objects from all over the world.

These days, many companies strive to create a quality product and provide excellent service in order to be in maximum demand today, when the competition is very high. In turn, we work and develop a lot to become even better, to be unique and meet the highest requirements and standards.