elena spiridonova –
founder and creative director of copper & tin studio

Elena Spiridonova is the founder and creative director of the studio. In addition to her passion for impeccable interiors, she is also a great admirer of high fashion, a lover of modern art and a tireless traveler. Rules of decorum is another topic that she studies with great interest.

Elena knows what the high-class service means and offers it to her clients.
She knows how to make a home special and meeting high standards of quality, comfort and aesthetics.

Before defining the fundamental concept of the interior and deciding what it will be like, I try to communicate with customers, live their lives and understand how they wake up, have breakfast or go straight to the gym, prefer to invite guests or like to spend time in restaurants, identify themselves as early birds or night owls.

This is the only way I can create the most comfortable and cozy space for my customers. If the ideal layout has been created, then the most important task has been solved.

/ Elena Spiridonova